Frequently Asked Question:-

Q. How Soon Product will be delivered once the order is placed.
A. It depends on multiple factors Though downloadable products delivery will be within 48 hours. For Products Which are web-based depends on sellers restriction from when reseller can start selling, it can take 2 days to 10 days for delivery.
Q. Why Delivery Date is not mentioned on every offer?
A. It depends on product to product, many sellers don’t mention when resellers are allowed to sell on their sales page. So it’s not possible for me to put up a date for me too until Seller informs after we purchase complete funnel.
Default, Most of the sellers don’t allow resellers to create an account till their launch is over so that they don’t lose their business.
Q. How should i get Support?
A. Best and fastest way to get support is to open a support ticket from our store so it can be tracked properly by everyone.
Q. what to do if i don’t get a response from ticket system on your store.
A. Sometimes it happens that I miss replying on ticket system due to some technical issues or I am traveling or can be any reason, then you should email me at or
Q. Should i contact direct seller for support?
A. Most of the sellers will not provide support to clients who bought from reseller, white label account holder or agency holder.  You need to ask me first for support and if the product is directly supported by the seller will let you know.
Q. What happens if you fail to deliver the product?
A. There are sometimes when seller changes their terms, or reseller terms are changed and few more issues, in that case, I will refund your money if I fail to deliver the product.
Q. Can i ask for a refund if product does not work?
A. Once product is delivered its not refundable but for some reason if product is not working with in 30 days i will replace the product. There will be no replacement or refunds after 30 days as i am also not going to get anything from seller.
Q. All Bonus will be provided ?
A. All shareable bonus will be provided, for any reason if bonus is not shareable it wont be delivered. so if you are just buying a product for bonus i dont give guarantee of bonuses.
Q. Why there is price difference when the product is launched and its increased after launch is over.
A. As you know Group buy works when enough people join to purchase the product. I give special price who contribute early to join so that product can be purchased. those who did not join during early bird offer get a higher price as they did not contribute during purchase phase.